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Should Your Restaurant Hire a Cleaning Service?

While we’re still deep in the trenches of Covid-19, health and safety remain the priority. The public’s decision on whether or not to dine out again depends greatly on its confidence in the restaurant industry’s sanitation standards. But with only a skeletal staff remaining to handle the business, it might be asking too much of them to deep clean the entire restaurant including kitchen and bathroom facilities as well. Perhaps it’s time to hire professional cleaners to do the job correctly before indoor dining fully returns.

Most commercial cleaning services provide options of conducting one time cleaning jobs as well as regular visits. Interview potential cleaning companies to make sure they have experience cleaning areas in restaurants which are important to you and your customers. These areas may include front of house and back of house as well as bathrooms. Professional cleaning services that cater to the restaurant industry are usually well-equipped to thoroughly sanitize and degrease high-volume kitchens and keep the restaurant’s other areas clean as well.

Keep in mind that professional cleaning services can be costly, depending on the size of your premises and scope of their work. In addition to the kitchen, bathrooms and dining area, you might also request that they wash the windows, dust the corners and light fixtures and clean out crevices in chairs and booths. Being specific with tasks and expressing your expectations will help the service provider do a better job.

Most importantly, remind staff that just because you’ve hired a cleaning service, performing daily disinfecting duties are still expected of them. Thorough cleaning of worktops, ranges and cooking equipment should be performed after each shift and service staff would still need to sanitize dining tables and chairs after guests leave. With regular deep cleaning and daily disinfecting, your restaurant will be able to show customers that you’re ready to welcome them back into your establishment.


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