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6 Best Countertops for Your Restaurant or Bar

Countertops are used in almost every restaurant setting. Fast casual outlets take orders and deliver food at the counter. Diners serve lunch and dinner on them. Many high end restaurants have a bar area to serve drinks. Whatever the setting, it’s important to find the countertop to complement the needs of your establishment.

The first thing to consider when shopping for a commercial countertop is to find one that matches your decor. While an elegant marble showpiece would look beautiful in a high end restaurant it would probably seem out of place in a boba tea shop. There are, however, some durable countertop materials which are also available in a variety of colors and styles.


Quartz countertops are popular because it comes in a large selection of colors and patterns to match the decor of any restaurant. More importantly, it’s stain and water resistant as well as antimicrobial. Quartz is non-porous, which makes it easy to maintain and ideal for food. Since it’s among the hardest countertop materials, it’s also quite durable and can handle heavy traffic.


Granite is among the most requested material for countertops, second only to quartz. This natural stone is able to withstand heavy loads and is relatively low maintenance. Granite has a high resistance to scratches and high heat and can be cleaned with simply soap and water. However, granite is among the most expensive of countertop materials.


As we mentioned earlier, marble is exquisite and elegant. It would make a lovely signature piece at the reception area but might be too high maintenance as a dining counter. Because marble is considerably soft and porous, it would not withstand the wear and tear of daily heavy use. What's more, marble is susceptible to damage from acidic food such as tomatoes and lemons.

Solid Surface

Many fast casual restaurants use solid-surface material for their countertops because it is able to mimic many natural materials such as marble or granite. It can be formed into almost any shape or style and is nearly seamless. While the price of a solid-surface countertop is comparatively lower, its softer surface is less resistant to dents and scratches. Be aware that some cleaners and chemicals will stain solid-surfaces.


Like solid-surface, laminate is a less expensive option, when compared with natural stone. But remember not to place hot pans directly on it or use it as a cutting board. In addition, a laminate counter probably needs to be repaired or replaced more often as it is less durable and wears down more easily.


A relative newcomer to the American countertop market, porcelain has been popular material in Europe for years. It is scratch, heat, stain and UV resistant, making them perfect for outdoor kitchens. Porcelain also requires considerably less maintenance when compared with granite and quartz. However, it’s harder to cut, limiting edge styles and as of now, there aren’t as many patterns available as there are for quartz countertops.

Almost all countertops can be customized to fit the size and style of your restaurant or bar. Considering its purpose and amount of use might help you to decide on the best one for your establishment. Give us a call for a free onsite consultation and to learn more about commercial countertops.


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