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PHASE I: Architectural, interior and kitchen design

  • Survey and analyze the existing facilities

  • Interview clients and find out about their dreams and their budgets

  • Create a preliminary floor plan for the kitchen and dining areas of the restaurant

  • Compose a material board for the interior design of the restaurant dining area

  • Render a three-dimensional sketch of the interior of the restaurant detailing the new design

  • Generate a proposal that outlines the costs for all of the furniture, fixtures and equipment, the custom metal work and millwork, and the actual construction of the restaurant

PHASE II: Construction documents for bidding and permit processing

  • Survey and analyze the existing facilities for code compliance

  • Generate a full set of architectural documents including all necessary plans, schedules, points of connection, notes, elevations and details

  • Work with engineers to provide necessary structural, mechanical and electrical plans, schedules and details

PHASE III: Construction Coordination

  • Submit plans to health, building and fire departments

  • Check plumbing and electrical stub-outs

  • Verify partition framing location

  • Coordinate Health Department inspections

  • Oversee contractor’s quality of work and communicate progress to client


Before you sign a lease we inspect your jobsite, outline current conditions and detail what changes are needed to bring the space up to code compliance. Many tenant improvements are at the landlord’s expense when you know what to ask for in a lease.

 Call us at 510-436-7000 or use our contact form to get in touch.

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