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Remodeling a restaurant can be much more challenging than designing a restaurant from the ground up. When you design from scratch the possibilities are limitless. Conversely, when redesigning an existing space, you have to have vision. A remodeled restaurant has less flexibility – bathrooms and kitchens have already been set in place. Moreover, the potential for uncovering problems with the construction are greater when you remodel a space – what will we find when we remove the drop ceiling?


Our architectural and design skills really shine during the creative planning process that goes along with a remodel.


Our designers work with you to create the look and feel you want for your dining experience. What’s your demographic? Do you want your place to attract a young, hip crowd? Will you target the fine dining set? Families? Students? And what about price points? Do they match your location and your restaurant’s style?



The food preparation area and bar must function together seamlessly. Servers and patrons should be able to move about freely – we call this the “path of travel.” Are the bar and kitchen areas designed to minimize congestion? Is your kitchen ergonomic? Is everything where it needs to be for the kitchen crew to work efficiently?



Our licensed architects work to remodel restaurants of all sizes. We can make a small restaurant feel bigger by redesigning the path of travel. Conversely, we can make a large restaurant feel more intimate by using walls, partitions or even banquettes. We can also design any type of restaurant. Is your restaurant fast food, fast casual, casual or fine dining? What about a restaurant where the cuisine drives the design? Is it Japanese, Vietnamese, Indian, Latin American or California? Do you want a “green” design? Do you want to use locally sourced materials?



The materials and finishes you select for your remodeled restaurant influence how your customers experience the space. These materials and finishes can be made from specific compounds that architecturally form the interior; for example reclaimed wood panels, concrete, and brick, to the finish on the walls and floors, to the color on the walls and the lights that help drive the ambiance and attitude.



We measure, photograph and analyze the physical space and the mechanical features of your existing restaurant before we begin designing a new space. We need to know where the kitchen is located, how your customers get seated, where the bathrooms are, and if you have an outside space. We need to know if your restaurant is ADA compliant, if your hood is big enough for your pizza oven or if your Point of Sale is conveniently located.



We present you with a new layout for your restaurant, material boards that include furniture and finish selections, and a three dimensional computer model so you can virtually walk around in your new restaurant.


We help you understand your complete costs before beginning construction. After the design is finalized, we put together a proposal that covers the cost of everything you will need to remodel your restaurant. All standard equipment, furniture and fixtures; and all the custom metal work, mill work, seating and counter tops are included.


Once you are sold on the design for your remodel we draw up the construction documents you will need for your general contractor to bid and build. Everything is outlined in the finest detail so you won’t have a bunch of change orders down the line. Our Construction Documents sail through the permitting process because we know restaurant codes inside and out.


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