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Marketing Your Restaurant on Social Media During Covid-19

Prior to Covid-19, restaurants enjoyed the soft marketing of social media such as Instagram and Facebook. Diners would often post photos of food and share their experiences of restaurants they enjoyed. With millions of Americans still working from home, social media is seeing more viewership but less content being posted. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase your restaurant to reach out to your own followers as well as to gain new ones. Here are some ideas on how to keep your customers engaged through social media while waiting for your restaurant to reopen.

Even after months of shelter in place, more people still prefer to cook rather than order take-out. Hosting an online cooking class would help them learn new techniques as well as attempt to try making some of your restaurant’s most famous dishes. You could also show off your kitchen’s cleanliness as the backdrop to give your audience confidence to order take-out from you.

Some restaurants are selling meal kits for the entire family. Along with all the necessary ingredients included in the kit, the most precious item might be your restaurant’s recipes. Share recipes online or place them in the bag with meal kits to keep your customers engaged. Remember, you don’t need to reveal all your secret ingredients that give your dishes that special flavor.

There is certainly nothing wrong with cooking items from your take out menu, plating them and taking an appetizing photo simply for social media. Remind the public of what they’re missing so that they can’t wait to actually savor your cuisine when you’re open once again. If your restaurant has outdoor seating, take the photo on your patio so customers can see your outdoor dining space as well.

When most of us become regular customers of a restaurant, we often savor the service as much as the food. A server who remembers your favorite drink or which side dishes you prefer can be the reason you keep going back to the same establishment. Highlight beloved staff or your chef to remind diners of the importance of human interaction when dining out. Some customers might decide to patronize your outlet for take-out simply as a way to support your staff.

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