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Top 5 Ways Restaurants can Bring Dining Back to Nature

It’s not easy to bear the burden of temporarily closing your restaurant while we shelter in place. But staying positive and thinking ahead is now more important than ever. Many people will be making lifestyle changes such as eating healthier, choosing sustainable products, and living more eco-friendly. It’s no doubt that when restaurants open again, customers will also be looking to see which ones share the same values. Here are the top 5 ways to look ahead and make your restaurant more eco-friendly.

Natural Lighting for Ambiance and Efficiency

Large windows which let in generous amounts of natural light can cut down your number of light fixtures as well as electricity costs. Insulated and treated glass can also reduce cold and heat during different seasons. Most importantly, if your venue overlooks an open or scenic view, large windows can take advantage of the relaxing and natural surroundings. However, if large windows are not possible at your space, creative, contemporary LED lighting is eco-friendly and can also create an inviting and social atmosphere for your diners as well.

Add Plants to Enhance The Ambiance

Plants and flowers do more than just add a natural aspect to your restaurant’s decor. Living walls can reduce noise as well as change with different themes or seasons. Large plants can divide a large dining area into sections to provide privacy for your diners. However, please remember that live plants do require a bit of maintenance as no one wants to eat next to a wilting pot of fern.

Use Reclaimed Material for Furniture and Accessories

Using reclaimed wood, stone and cork as elements in your restaurant can upgrade its eco-friendly status. Tables, chairs, flooring and wall panels made from reclaimed wood can add texture and character to the dining room. It’s also a great way to reinforce your brand as a business which sources recycled and sustainable materials to support the environment.

Aim to be a Zero Food Waste Restaurant

Restaurant food waste can largely be divided into two categories: pre-consumer and post-consumer food waste. Pre-consumer waste includes food that is thrown away before being served. Vegetable and fruit stalks are generally seen as useless but they can be added to soup as seasoning or used to garnish plates. Similarly, many discarded animal parts can be used to make stock. Post-consumer food waste is any food that your guests do not consume at the dining table. The best way to handle these items is to compost. If it’s not practical to have composting bins at your restaurant, look into your waste management provider as many now offer this service.

Eco Friendly Take Out Boxes

If your restaurant is offering take out to your customers right now, why not start contributing back into nature immediately. There are many recycled and biodegradable food containers on the market ranging from coffee cups to soup containers. Customers bringing your food home in eco-friendly packaging can also feel like they are contributing to a healthy environment as well.

This is a great time to consider turning a new leaf for your restaurant by implementing environmentally friendly elements. When you’re redecorating, don’t forget to donate or recycle your unwanted items. Our team at Restaurant Design Concepts can help your establishment give back to nature with eco-friendly solutions. Call or email us for an onsite visit.


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