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Now is the Perfect Time to Renovate Your Restaurant

The foodservice industry is taking a huge hit right now with social distancing and shelter in place. Many restaurants are closing their doors to weather out this storm while diners are also missing the enjoyment of a meal at their favorite outlet. Instead of waiting idly by for the restrictions to be lifted, why not take advantage of this time to renovate your establishment so when things are back to normal, you will be ready for the influx of returning and new customers.

After months of talking about sanitation and hygiene, one of the most important things on customers’ minds will be cleanliness. Since customers are not able to inspect a restaurant’s kitchen, they often equate how clean the kitchen is with how clean the bathrooms are. So now is a great time to update and refurbish old and dingy bathrooms with automation so patrons will have minimum contact with levers and knobs. Replace traditional toilets with ones which have an autoflush function to avoid having to touch the flush mechanism. Likewise, replace old sinks with automatic sinks and install automatic paper towel dispensers. Consider replacing old tiles which have become stained or chipped for a renewed appearance.

With the anticipation of a sudden surge in business, don’t be caught unprepared in the kitchen. Revisit the layout to improve kitchen flow and to increase workspace for your cooking staff. Replace outdated and declining cooking equipment to reduce maintenance cost and downtime. Upgrading to newer energy efficient refrigerators, ovens, broilers and fryers could save in utility fees as well as improve the quality of food.

Show your kitchen crew that you also care for their health and safety by replacing a worn out kitchen floor. Upgrade to new floors which can withstand heavy traffic. Investing in quality floor mats will also help to reduce joint stress and prevent slipping.

Let your customers know you’ve been thinking of them while they were away by updating your dining area with a renewed image. Consider renovating the entire dining room or simply replace a few signature items. Well placed lighting adds texture to the dining room. Upgrade your light fixtures with contemporary designs to transform the ambience of the room. Revitalize scratched and damaged walls with a fresh coat of paint. Most importantly, replace outdated dining chairs with modern and comfortable seating.

Don’t let this challenging time discourage your aspirations. Instead, stay positive and think ahead of ways to welcome customers back to your establishment. At Restaurant Design Concepts, our team is ready to support new and existing clients during this difficult time to revitalize the foodservice industry.


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