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It’s Happening in Vegas

Every year we make a trek out to Vegas for the HD Design Expo, a prime hospitality conference and trade show where designers, hoteliers, vendors, architects, developers and suppliers all gather to share ideas, products and information.

If you haven’t heard, Vegas is currently experiencing a building boom and is now more up-and-coming than ever. Numerous construction and development projects have been set in motion, drawing more and more visitors to the dynamic city. One particular project that you probably already have heard a lot about - if you are a football fan or at the very least from the Bay Area -- is the construction of a $2 billion stadium for the NFL’s Raiders who are moving their home base from Oakland, California to Vegas. Another major undertaking is the Madison Square Garden Sphere Las Vegas, with its seating capacity of 18,000, which will serve as an arena as well as a major hub for a variety of social events. By the way, the arena alone will feature a 250 million pixel screen inside for viewers and an exterior of LED lights.

According to Construction Dive magazine, $5 billion in new construction projects and development investments in the City of Lights will draw in tourism and opportunities for investing.

With so much happening in Vegas, we had our eyes and ears open to everything, especially the latest trends that were showcased at the Hospitality Design Expo. Here are a few that made an impression on the Restaurant Design Concepts team.

  • Glass Tiles: These tiles catch one’s eye with their shimmering appearance. Restaurants use glass tiles as a backsplash for their bars or restrooms to give an extra bit of variety and beauty.

  • Quartetto Tile: An encaustic-inspired tile from the Daltile Corporation. While the tile appears to have a painted concrete look, it is actually a print on porcelain which produces a beautiful design on tile whether it’s being used on the floor or on a wall.

  • LDF Silk: A company that makes faux plant arrangements that are visually stunning. Whether it’s a melting pot of flora in a round container or striking greenery in Italian porcelain vases, these arrangements left us marveling at the beauty of nature. LDF Silk also has some great art on the wall options featuring organic plants that can not only be eye catching and engaging but also serves as a great backdrop that encourages customers to spread the word through selfies and Instagram posts.

  • Tarkett: Specializing in flooring, this company’s selection of carpets offers a range of numerous styles from woven to luminous. High-end restaurants utilize carpets to give a touch of elegant flair to the atmosphere.

  • Brandstand: Offering multiple user-friendly products for the hospitality business, we were most impressed with their wireless charging stations. These stations are ideal for bars and would allow customers to charge their phone without worry.

  • Trex Outdoor Furniture: As the weather gets warmer, patios are becoming more popular. A multitude of outdoor furniture choices offers a variety of options for creating a space that invites you to dine outdoors and soak up the sun.

Each day after the Expo ended, we took the opportunity to take in the flavors and sights to be seen in Vegas’ newest restaurants and witness all this new commercial development first hand. We sought out some of the hottest restaurants in the city. Here are a few that we visited.

  • Lago: Located at the Bellagio, this upscale Italian restaurant provides quality cuisine from award-winning chef Julian Serrano and a landscape view of the water fountain shows. We were amazed by the elegant design from the mosaic floor and porcelain vases to the blue and white color motif that made us feel like we were in the Mediterranean.

  • Sweets Raku: A Japanese-French inspired restaurant, we were impressed by their utilization of space and interior design. Their modern wine cellar hosts an impressive collection of wines from all over the world and the open kitchen is beautifully designed and complete with its white-tiled wall and marble countertop.

  • Eiffel Tower: Stepping out of the elevator and into the kitchen, we found ourselves captivated by the sophisticated atmosphere of the Eiffel Tower restaurant. Plush carpeting, soft lighting, breathtaking views, and an extensive bar in this great space can set the tone for a romantic and intimate evening if that is what you aiming for.

  • Drai’s Nightclub: Wrapping up our trip, attended a great Expo event at Drai’s Nightclub and Poolclub. Modern design punctuates the night life downstairs in the nightclub area with obscurely shaped disco balls hovering over the dance floor, deluxe leather seating, and dim lighting. On the rooftop lies the tropical Poolclub where you can splash in the pool or mingle with friends among the casual palm trees.

We’ll be keeping watch to see what else is in store for Las Vegas, especially considering the Raiders move from our hometown to their new location. We hope to return in the not so far distant future and see what is yet to happen in a city that looks to be on the brink of increased growth and transformation. Hope we’ll get back there soon.


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