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Integrating Technology into the Commercial Kitchen

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Imagine the refrigerator tracking and reordering supplies on your behalf. Or picture yourself monitoring kitchen productivity from a beach in Bali. These examples may seem like they’re from a scene in a sci-fi film, but actually, they may be happening right now in a restaurant near you!

Busy commercial kitchens need to keep food fresh and to comply with consumer safety regulations which may require a multitude of industrial equipment. Adding appropriate technology into a commercial kitchen not only improves health and safety standards, it increases productivity as well.

While it’s important to keep in mind that turning your kitchen high-tech will require more investment than conventional commercial equipment, these tools will quickly pay for themselves. Kitchen technology will also increase kitchen safety standards, cut down on labor costs, and even improve guest experience.

Some foodservice outlets are already delving into automating their commercial kitchens with the Internet of Things (IoT) where devices acquire and analyze data from connected equipment. IoT is on the way to revolutionizing how traditional kitchens operate. It can help to regulate and monitor kitchen equipment to make sure systems are functioning ideally as well as conduct tedious and repetitive tasks such as tracking inventory. If a refrigerator temperature drops below a safe condition, business owners can receive an alert on their cell phones.

In addition to back-of-house operation, technology can also improve guest experience. Some smart appliances keep track of kitchen performance and reduce human error by monitoring preparation consistency, resulting in satisfied customers. Device to device communication can enhance kitchen to server exchange by reducing guessing times and misunderstandings.

With automation quickly moving into the foodservice industry, don’t get left behind. Let Restaurant Design Concepts create a modern space for your restaurant to soar into the next era of foodservice.


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